Friday, 1 February 2013

Time for feet!

Hello all you people with foot fetishes/phobias! It's time for beautiful toe nails, arts & crafts style. Get your glitter out, that's right, glitter!

So what I wanted to do was create an 'ombre' effect with the glitter from the top of the toe. It doesn't highlight it too well in the pictures, as I picked quite coordinating colours of varnish and glitter. Start off doing the necessary amount of coats of your nail polish to get a full colour. As it is drying, sprinkle the glitter, focusing it at the top of the nail, fading down. Finish with a layer of Top Coat to seal it all in and ensure a longer lasting look.

Just in case you were interested, the nail polish was from Avon, 'Khaki Flip', which is this great two-tone effect colour, from a bronzy green to purple. The top coat is Sally Hansen "Insta-Dri".

I saw an example of the effect I attempted in a style mag. They used nude colours and managed to achieve a better 'fade' effect, but hey, it takes practice, and at least glitter is ALWAYS pretty (says the magpie). This can be done in all sorts of colours and shades, and is really fun to play with, so let me know if any of you attempt it, and send in pictures!

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