Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Fairy Trap

I was given some potpourri from my mum at Christmas, yes, apparently I'm old enough for potpourri now, but instead of just putting it in a bowl, I decided to be a little more creative. Inspired by something I found off Pintrest, I decided to create a little fairy light installation. Here is my how-to for anyone who wants to make one of these for their rooms :-)
I first got a large vase that would work well with fairy lights inside it and also was a good colour scheme with the potpourri I had. In this case I found a lightbulb shaped vase from Matalan for £10. The glass was thick with a bubble effect worked into it, and was also slightly tinted, which I thought would help make the fairy lights more ambient.

I found a 10 meter roll of fairy lights, in warm white, from this ebay store, for £9.99 free postage. I thought 10 meters might be too much but it worked out perfectly.
When putting the lights in the vase, start with the tip end of the fairy light cord, rather than the plug end. Put a few in and then sprinkle some of the potpourri. Repeat process. This ensures the potpourri through the lights is properly mixed in. If there are any large statement bits on your potpourri, for example mine had a pine cone, leave it till last to put in otherwise it just gets lost. I learned that the hard way!

To finish off, get some small squares of fabric, I used green netting and floaty purple stuff for added texture, and place over the top of the vase like how it is on a jam jar. Secure it with some elastic bands round the top. To cover the elastic bands, get some string and wrap around the bands a few times and then double knot it and tie into a bow. I chose string instead of ribbon because I thought it would look more 'earthy' and 'rustic'.
This could be done with lots of different colours and not just potpourri. See what you can come up with...

Enjoy your 'Fairy Trap'!

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