Thursday, 7 February 2013

"One Gold Stride"

I would just like to jokingly introduce a new exhibit in my home, including a friend's artistic review. A gold, spangly thong my mum very kindly got my dad a few years ago...yeh, I won't go into THAT private joke. Anyways. enjoy.

"oh Hi.

I just wanted to compliment your choice of house decor. Your parents must be very proud that you managed to conjure such a poignant and forward thinking piece for the staircase. If you have guests it will be a convo starter; it's a statement think piece that's sure to impress. Bringing up issues of sexism, male sexuality, homosexuality and sexy all in one gold stride. Well done fabs." review by 'friend'


Camille Sita said...
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aboids said...

Why did you remove your comment! hahah