Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Do you think I'll get a job at LUSH?

In my search for a job, one which I think will suit me and help me out in life, I have attempted to apply to LUSH. Without going into too much detail, in case they or other companies find this blog (hello by the way! Please hire me!), I love their products and their fun, enthused atmosphere, and thought I had nothing to lose by handing my CV in.

Having spoken to a really nice lady in one of their Peterborough branches, she advised that I make my CV stand out a bit, and make it more interesting. My CV itself might be a hunk-a-chunk of bore but I can certainly doodle. So here is my attempt in sprucing up my cover letter and envelope (the design is the same on the cover letter). I tried to use language which shows how keen - and border line desperate - I was about their company, whilst also attempting to reflect their youthful, funky vibe. I even went so far as to spray a little of their "Lust" atomiser on it. Classy, all Legally Blonde like.

Wish me luck guys! I'll either get a job.... or a restraining order.


Camille Sita said...

ohhhh fabs!! I'd love it if you worked at Lush! Good Luck

aboids said...

Thanks millz! The lady was a bit more responsive this time, so we'll see :-)