Monday, 28 January 2013

The unnecessary necessary need for a 'First Post'

So here we are, another blog yet emerges on the horizon and I'm sure you're all not wondering 'what's it this time?', as you've most probably seen it all before. Well, you may well have but here's to hoping you may be intrigued enough in my personality/opinions/interests/general outlook on life to give it a shot. Keep reading an extra sentence, even if you don't mean too, you may just discover the question to the answer '42' - don't worry, I realise I sound a little ridiculous here, I do hope you find some answers to things though, whether it is impactful or not.

So, from the beginning, my name is Abi and I hale from the midlands of the UK. I am 25 years of age as of recently, and whilst age should probably have nothing to do with anything, I feel it may have influenced a lot of what I am turning my hand to at the moment. I've just completed a post-grad, moved back in with my parents, and am struggling to find work. This isn't so much a moan at the current economic decline, more a realisation that, at 25, I should really have things figured out by now, that is to say, I should already be climbing a very real career ladder. The trouble is, I can't help desperately wanting to do something I know I will enjoy. Easily said than done when 'times are hard'.

Being a creative at heart, I decided that, whilst looking for the responsible job I so desperately need, I should try and be a little more proactive and get myself involved with the media world that is buzzing with interesting people, views, lifestyles and current affairs. This world, although virtual, can be resourceful and vibrant. My interests do lie within such things. As an avid YouTube watcher (since the 'Golden Age' of 2006/7 actually), I also really enjoy the privileged insight you can get into someone else's way of life. I find some of these popular YouTubers very inspiring, even from the most simple of videos, and it's this positivity that has encouraged my new year vows of creative, proactive time wasting - wow, what a juxtaposition!  

Anyhoo, I'm neither a beauty or fashion expert (no matter how much I flatter myself with the idea), and I wouldn't profess expertise in any other particular field, however, like any other of you lovely people, I enjoy dabbling! If I'm wearing something I've enjoyed wearing, I'll share it with you. If I discover a new skin care secret, I'll share it with you, and, perhaps to a larger extent, if an issue plays on my mind enough, I'll discuss it with you.

Quite often, as human beings, we all experience the same feelings, emotions and thoughts at some point throughout our lives, and I think it can be quite important and therapeutic to share, if not to just understand ourselves a little better.

Thank you for persevering through this 'first post' ramble. Here's to many more! (Soz to those shaking their heads). x

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