Saturday, 21 September 2013

3# What I Wore Today

Remember how I used to do these style posts? Yeh, me neither! Considering that this is only my third post of such, I guess I can talk! Anyhoo, moving along so this blog actually has worth-while and enjoyable content, here is one of my latest 'looks' I managed throw together!

This was back when I had money, and I could afford the occasional purchase from high-street shops. However, as you definitely get from my previous WIWT post, I always try to scrounge at some level. Whether it's with charity shop clothes, or purely sale items, I've never been accomplished at comfortably forking out above £30 for one item of clothing. "Price buys you quality" they say, weeeelll, not every time, or for everything, as I have learnt through hard-earned experience. "Price buys you longitude of wear", again, surely the existence of charity shops and 'vintage' assures this is NOT the case? Anything that can last one owner's use, be transformed, and last through another generation's use, has value wouldn't you say? As simple as the product may be...

Ok, so thinking on it some more, maybe I'm just trying to justify my slightly dilapidated sense of style. My friends are always telling me about one hole or another they've discovered in my jumpers...

And here is where the hypocrisy comes in. Everything in this featured ensemble is new, albeit sale or budget! Does that make things better? Back onto the case at hand, I love anything with a slight 90's grundge, an that's what I tried going for with this look. Hell, there's a lot about the 90's I love and thought I wouldn't, high ponytails being one of them! For this case, it's funky, interesting, edgy, and EASY. 

Don't be scared of the wet-looks, never be afraid of them. The key is to keep the rest of the outfit simple! Pair with a basic, or long, top. I love the unusual print and cutting in this particular top, being drawn to it immediately. When put with the plain black bottoms, it does all the accessorising for you, hence why I felt no need to do anything complicated with my hair or accessories. The only other extremity is my oh-so-grundgy creeper shoes, leopard print no less. Ignore the cat-face socks. I just like cats.... and 'kook'. Team up with chav-tastic gold chain bling of some sort, and you're done! The only thing I would say you could add, is maybe a dark red nail finish, instead of the pastels I used, and a darker, messier, smudgier form of eye makeup. Have fun!

Top | Dorothy Perkins | £10
Leggings | New Look | £11.99
Cat Socks | Topshop | £3
Creepers | New Look | Around £10?
Bracelet | New Look | Can't remember!

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