Friday, 13 September 2013

The Social Jam Jar syndrome

Suffice to say that this title, itself, holds all potential to be as awkward and nonsensical as the subject of this post. And yes. It has been a while. Welcome back and hello again.

I would like to coin the title to a certain condition. Basically, being eternally 'Ditsy.' It's one of those human inadequacies which everyone probably believes they have but with which you feel so very alone at the time, like any act inducing insecurity. It's the moment you double book, forget the glasses on your head, and, most commonly, completely miss a joke. It becomes frustrating when it's taken to the point that you feel unfairly delt with early dementia, and you start believing in your acts of stupidity, two university degrees promptly lost down the psychological drain.

What I'm trying to say is, why am I so gosh-darn socially awkward?!

Every act, every occurrence, every missed or over-played opportunity has resulted from the white noise of your brain cells, and can only be described as feeling like the behavioural equivalent of not being able to open that stupid jam jar. You try really hard, but in the end someone has to take the situation off you, whilst rolling their eyes. How's that for a metaphor?

At least you finally get that title now, no?

Whilst this is most assuredly a first world problem, what limitations am I, are we, left with within our societies? How are we supposed to join the click? How are we supposed to get favour or respect from that guy? If you promise someone you're not THAT dumb, will they believe you?

I guess it's down to playing your part. So you're a bit slow, what the hell. That, in itself, is your sense of humour, right? People who know you, or who like you, should take any miss giving with affection, not judgement. And anyone who chooses to judge without getting to know you is missing out on many other qualities that you undoubtedly have.

The tricky thing is to not overplay your stupidity or 'ditz'. Sometimes going with the flow of general consensus is easier than surprising people. This can be a big problem sometimes, you should never let it get to the point of being a big problem. I'm talking about when you let it affect your career or act of self preservation.

I'm still figuring this bit out, and I still get pissed off with myself, despite what I've written here. Worries about other peoples' opinions are usually grossly exaggerated, and people, in general, don't give a hoot. It's more myself I have to reprimand, I am the harshest judge after all. . .

Please leave your thoughts, if there are any to share.