Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Hello Goodbye

So here we are. What is it, more than 7 months down the line and no post. What are we expected to say next? I suppose I should stop faffing round and just go straight into it. I've been saving up to go travelling.

It's taken well over seven months, three jobs, and occasionally 60/70 hour work weeks to save up enough money to be okay for six months of travel. Will it be worth it? One would think so! We hope so.

I can't complain or anything.  This has been my goal for around a year now, more than that subconsciously. I need this trip to try and start a new slate with things at home. Try and just take a break with things or do some good elsewhere, with my own hands and efforts. I specifically want to try and change myself because I don't really like what's there at the moment. The fast lane of education that travelling puts people under is undoubtedly one way to do that, if there's any way.

You get see the world, see different people and cultures, and have to deal with things far harder than just language barriers. This is so, so important, and so few people actually get to experience much beyond their home county let alone country.

I've always believed you can't look at the news and truly appreciate both sides whilst sitting comfy on your sofa. Whatever your personal beliefs, things like the rise of the UKIP party, for me, feed off the fear of ignorance. If you have a problem with something, make sure you do your research before you completely pass judgement. Better yet, go out and see it, experience it, try and understand. Be wiser, be patient, be tolerant. I'm a pin cushion of built up fear, assumptions and misconceptions I want to wallop out of me. See, don't assume. I'm begging for this trip to make me a better person.

But I'm also terrified. A lot has happened over the last seven months that I wasn't expecting. It's made me feel so happy, and sad. Also the distraction of too many jobs and a far off goal can make you forget about the timeline, and the general motions of life. You get comfortable. What if I change too much. What if I come back wanting different things, or I hurt the ones I care about. Six months away isn't that long, but things change quickly sometimes.... What if I get hurt.

Still, off I go. On Monday I jet off to my personal unknown. All in all I will be excited. I just need to get into the swing of things,  a bit like how you're scared to start a new job and look forward to being four months in and no longer new to the game.

So do I take you guys with me? Of course I do! If you're interested that is. I have a blog set up, all ready. I intend to try and make it useful for all you lot who wish to travel and have not a hey-nonnie where to start. I am currently wearing those shoes, my friends, and of course you should learn through my mistakes! Especially as a first-time female traveler, with more natural concerns than average. I mainly wanted people to know that it's possible, it's hard work, but you CAN do travelling if you want to.  When reading my version though, bear in mind I'm not the type to just buy the flight out and see what happens. Myself and Camilla, my wonderful travel partner, have a rough plan, but a plan none the less.

All will hopefully be explained in the following:

So to all my friends and fam. There is no point getting sentimental. Life will continue, just in a different country. I will put my best foot forward and be the traveller I wanted to be! I'll try and be good and send a postcard or two!


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JoJo said...

Wow Abi, well said!! I'll be with you and Camilla in mind and spirit every step of the way. One thing is for're going to have some rich experiences and will come back with a very fresh way of seeing things. Much love, Jo x