Saturday, 12 April 2014

5# WIWT Dressing down can still be cute

Ok, admittedly, it's not like I've whipped out the 'Juicy' tracksuit bums, or even a pyjama set, but I'm still pretty pleased with this simple ensemble.... Perfect for surviving around the house on my day off, whilst having to entertain visitors and fight off horrific Man-Flu. Let me show you how you can look cute, but still be comfy.

*WARNING* major mirror/selfie sesh coming up...

So it's jeans and a jumper, WHAT? The key to this outfit is the detailssss! And anyway, if in doubt, know that you can always, always, rock a pair of jeans and a baggy jumper, whatever your style, shape or situation.

This baggy, black jumper is perfect for when you're not quite sure of what statement you want to make. Granted, I don't have too many neon yellow or coral options in my wardrobe, but you can never go wrong with monochrome. Make sure you rock a pair of scruffy, fluffy slippers. If you're lazing around the house, there's no point denying it, and slippers are the perfect accessory to put that fact out there, in style... or if anything, a belated 'bang'.

Another monochrome piece, much seen around town now, is the black and white striped top. Again, simple, striking and effective. Basically! This is a long sleeved top, paired with high waisted, light blue jeans. High waisted might not be for everyone, but I really like how it can make an outfit a little different, with not much commitment or effort. I have to roll up the ends on my trousers because they are a little short on me anyway, but luckily this can just work with the 'look'.

These particular jeans are from M & S. There's no denying it, they are complete Mum-Jeans, but I don't care!!!! They are soft, stretchy and comfy, which is the theme we are going for by the way. And yes, I bought these new and NOT from a charity shop, I would just like to clarify this! Ha

Accessories wise, we have a 'sailor' style plaited, beige belt. Again, easy to work with, but adds a little texture to the outfit, along with a little gold chain, given to me by my friend, but which adds a classic vibe. With jewellery, I prefer to keep it minimal, but perhaps hooped earrings or a couple of statement rings would work on their own as well?

My favourite thing at the moment is this colourful scrunchy from Claire's Accessories. Thanks to some inspiration from my Lush co-workers, I got in on the whole scrunchy-esque thing and haven't looked back! It's so wonderfully 90's! Wear your hair in a half up-do like I did, or in a full on high pony tail, either or, it's great fun and adds a niche to your look!

Last, but not least, I AM NOT WEARING ANY MAKEUP!! I am ill, and tired, there is no point, and nothing a few photoshop edits or a dusty mirror can't hide. But to be honest, you don't need it. And if you feel you do, try not to be afraid of going for a natural base and basic decoration. If you're tired like I am, it's good to give your skin a break. Simple as...

Jumper | New Look | £10 or so?? (it was a while ago!)
Top | New Look Two for £7 (?)
Jeans | M&S | £12
Slippers | Tesco | £6
Scrunchy | Claire's Accessories | £3
Necklace | Gift | Freeeeeeeeeee

Sorry this last post is a month late, hopefully it has made up for it! If you want me to write about anything specific, or that's on your mind recently, just post a comment and let me know..

Speak soon chickies x
(am deff not tipsy on sherry right now)

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