Sunday, 2 February 2014

Something I wrote a while back...

Do you ever just go through your old memory boxes or files, and find things like old poems or stories you wrote? Is it ever the case that these were quite good and you wonder where all that talent has gone? Haha....

Well, I've discovered a little written passage I created whilst at uni. It seems to be the start of a story, or novel in this case, staring an elusive female-Sherlock-Holmes-type character....see what you think!

"To anyone who has a mind to notice, this scene would have been enough to enquire some curiosity from their mundane thoughts and everyday routine. An elderly woman, standing in the middle of a public walkway, was staring intently at a house across from her, completely motionless, with a hint of irritation exposed on her fine features. 

Her clothes stood out the most. A long black coat, thick enough for a good winter, with a carefully arranged silk red scarf around her neck, tucked in. Her black gloves were of the finest suede, and she wore a black hat, the rim of which was extended enough to shelter her face if needed, whilst remaining practical. She seems to be in her fifties, but exudes a strength and youth that belies her age. Certainly the simple black cane she poised in front of her was not needed, merely decoration, or perhaps, purely sentimental, who would know, certainly not them.

This is what someone would see if they were to notice. However, at this point in time, no one was around.

She stood there, looking at the house in question, her elongated brows slightly risen. No greeting, no person waiting, except for her. She was not used to being unexpected, and this situation called for immediate action. 

Mrs S strode up to the large, black front door of the aristocratic town house, and rapped sharply three times with the back of her hand. She heard the sound echo off into what could only be lavish, open halls and dining rooms. Still, no response.

Here was a proud woman, who did not like to be mistaken for anything, especially the place and time of an important meet. She had better things to do, and this was not one of them. Again, she raised her hand and knocked three times, slightly louder, though not aggressively, a lady of her standing never lost control."

....DUN, dun, duuuuuun. Who knows what's to come next, eh.

Copyright moi (not that I'm going to get anything off this but I yet live in hope!)

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