Monday, 13 May 2013

Hey Y'aaaaallllllll....

What's that? Who am I? Ahhhh yes that's right, I haven't been on here for a long, ........long, ............. ...........long while and I admit, I've gone incognito, under the wire, A.W.A.L. (what does awal actually stand for?). But no need to fret, I have returned, for the most part, albeit with a positively rubbish post.

This will be rubbish because it's basically a bunch of random thoughts and updates that will have absolutely no relevance to you. At all. But hey-ho! In reference to your imaginary questions which are bursting forth:

Where have you been!

Nowhere....same place really. I've just been too busy in my new internship.

What have you been doing?!

My new internship, ah, mentioned above. Ok, more detail. I finally left that previous place which wasn't doing much for me other than improving my social life, onto something where I have no social life what-so-ever but is much better for me...oh. The short of it is I now write blog posts and schedule tweets for a small fashion dance wear company which has literally just launched. The subject of these posts are anything from dance, dance companies, fashion trends, theatre, beauty and lifestyle. Considering I have to schedule 17 tweets everyday, the subjects I tweet about vary immensely! Sometimes I'm not sure how I get away with the bollocks I put on there! To prove my point, I have previewed the content of one of my tweets below.

'Nuff said.

Why haven't you blogged....or tweeted...or whatever?

I find that when your job is in the field of something you used to consider a hobby, it's difficult to maintain the passion and drive for it in the same way. Not to mention that the rota is surprisingly full on, and I've been going back to the gym for a bit...and...well, arrr, I'm lazy. I still get inspiration to write stuff, I just need to learn to jump on that feeling more before it goes. Keep you guys entertained ya know!

So what now?

Weeeeelll, I've just got a part time job at LUSH!! Exciting times. I love the company and their ethical campaigns, and the products of course, and I GET PAID. Paaaaaaiiiiiiidddddd. Urgh finally. Unfortunately this now means that my rota is thus; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at internship, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with LUSH! ...... got it yet? NO DAYS OFF wooooooooo oohhhhhh......On the bright side, I get 50% off LUSH products (let me know if you need hooking up yo) and I'll be posting reviews on here to help you and to help me learn the products better.

Also, I've just changed my desktop background to this...



Sombras said...

Absent With Out Leave

Nice blog :p

Camille Sita said...

ohhhh Fabs that office work out chair is MENTAL! jesus. yayyy lush power x