Monday, 1 April 2013

The brilliant 90s

Oh hello there! What's this? A post where I'm NOT moaning? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......

So yes, I have progressed somewhat onto the field of fashion again, this time with an ode to the inspiration of the 90s for women's fashion. This is finally a colourful, lighthearted piece I had to get out there after having two accidental doses of 90s TV sitcoms over this wonderfully long weekend. Never mind the fact that it is slightly depressing that an era that still seems pretty recent to me is now deemed 'retro'!

Firstly, F.R.E.I.N.D.S. What else can I say, other than reminding you that it was, and almost still is, the biggest series of the 90's through to 2000's. Till not long ago, it was constantly on TV. Nothing else was on really. I saw an episode quite randomly last night and got to thinking how I would quite happily wear most of the things Rachel, Pheobe and Monica were wearing, except for Monica's Marilyn waitress outfit, ....obvs.

Then came Sister Act 2. Again, just by accidentally walking into a room where the TV had been left on and there it was. This is the Sister Act film where the nuns, and Whoopi, help a bunch of rebellious school kids in a broken down, about-to-be-closed school. The kids are trained up, they solve all their social angst, as you do, and win their final show down at a massive singing contest, ultimately saving the school and proving to the world, and me, they have great style. Yep, guys, this just crunched the biscuit for me, and I had to explain, again, why the 90's style is purely great.

It's the baggy, boyfriend, yet high waisted jeans, worn with colourful crop tops and varsity jackets. Sound familiar? Dungarees, shorts or trousers, and heavy dot martin boots. Summer dresses with high socks and sandals. Sleeveless denim jackets over sweat shirts and big hoop earrings. Denim jackets tied round the waist with another crop top and low slung sweats or high waisted denim shorts. Long slit skirts or dresses with a loose fitting shirt over the top. To say the least! Have I missed anything? Probably, but all this is great, in my opinion.

Something about the 90's is so unashamedly colourful and, well, denim. With patch work, bright prints of floral or shapes, and those girly high pony tails or braids. I like the side of it that's also a liiiitle 'hooch', hence the hoop earrings and lip liner. It's fun and funky, just like the music, and can be seen through timeless classics such as these shows and many more. I mean, who can forget 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer" or "Clueless"!?

The last example I want to show you is the beautiful Ashley Banks, from my all time favourite, 'Prince of Bel Air'. When she got older, her style turned truly amaze. For all the reasons and examples mentioned above, just see below. Enjoy.

All images nicked from Google Image Search

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