Tuesday, 5 March 2013

60's Chic! Statement make-up look

So I tried on some bright pink lipstick today (17, Lasting Fix, "Pink Power"), and you know me, I'm never one for a drastic choice, however, paired with the right eye get-up, this look is great fun!

The bold cat-eye flick and bright pink lippy has been sported by a couple of celebrities recently, including Leigh-Anne from Little Mix here (last picture), and our favourite, Zoella, in this video. I love it. It's so 60's and poppy bubble gum, it makes a change from your average nudes whilst still not feeling "over dressed." I would wear this on a night out - obvs, but also might strut into the office on a 'statement' day, one might say when I'm feeling like an "In-De-Pendant WO-MAN" *proceeds to click fingers.*

Having never been good at getting a bold flick going, let alone making each eye the same, I spotted a tutorial on YouTube for it. According to them, the trick is to start by drawing in the flick bit, aiming it up towards the end of your eyebrow to the outer corner of your eye, then just colour it in to create a thick, even line to your inner eye. Pop on a popping lippy and shaboosh - go get 'em!